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CORE Butter 

An all natural product

made specifically for 

Structural Integration,

Myofascial Therapy,

and all Deep Tissue




$25 for 8 oz. Jar






Cocoa Butter,


High Oleic Safflower Oil,

and Vitamin E



You can purchase our CORE Butter by

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George and Patty KousaleosGeorge and Patty Kousaleos


2023 Structural Integration Program


Location: Tampa Bay, Fl

Beginning in March 2023


              March 18-20, 2023


              April 21-23, 2023


              May 18-20, 2023


               June 16-18, 2023


               July 14-16, 2023


              August 18-20, 2023


           September 15-17, 2023


             October 20-22, 2023


           November 17-19, 2023


           December 15-17, 2023



Contact George



for complete course information.



CORE Myofascial Therapy - A 6-day, 48 CE certification  course in the practice of myofascial therapy. History, theory. anatomy, structural evaluation, client-education strategies, practitioner body mechanics, and clinical techniques for full-body and region-specific protocols will be taught in organized modules that methodically increase practitioner skill and competency. The foundational theory of all CORE programs is the Intrinsic Spiral Theory, developed by George Kousaleos during his first decade as a practitioner and instructor. Learn how to evaluate your client's structural alignment and design appropriate clinical protocols utilizing 60-minute or 90-minute sessions. CORE Myofascial Therapy can be taught in week-long intensives or over a series of 2-day or 3-day seminars.

The techniques of CORE Myofascial Therapy are:

  • Myofascial Spreading - the foundational technique that applies broad, moderate pressure to every region of the body in a prescribed pattern that releases tension and adhesions from the extrinsic layer of fascia and musculature. The utilization of Langer's Lines serves as a road map to improving structure and function.
  • Arthrokinetics - a joint mobilization technique that improves elasticity, range-of-motion, and proper positioning of the joint capsule. This technique is especially beneficial for those with painful arthritis, post-surgical limitations, and any over-use syndromes.  
  • End Work - Clinical protocols for the abdomen, neck, head, and face that stimulate a parasympathetic response at the end of the session. This clinical strategy can also work to increase lumbar traction and shoulder repositioning.
  • Back Specific - the deepest clinical protocols for the paraspinal, scapular, cervical, liofemoral and sacral regions of the body. Often practiced as a 60-minute session, Back Specific works with releasing deep tension in the thoracolumbar fascia, improving hyperlordosis, kyphosis, and moderate scoliosis. Improvement in hip and shoulder function is often apparent, along with increased rotational movement of the lumbar and cervical regions. Back Specific is divided into five sections that allow for deeper penetration of functional myofascial units in a series of progressive sessions.
  • CORE Release - a firm-pressure protocol for the sacrotuberous ligament with coordinated manipulation of the deep musculature of the full length of the lamina groove. This clinical technique is remarkable in its capacity to alleviate chronic lumbar and iliosacral pain. CORE Release improves pelvic positioning while increasing integrity of the pelvic floor.
  • Foot Specific - moderate to deep fascial techniques for the ankle and retinaculum, the calcaneal tendon, the dorsal and plantar surfaces of the foot, and the toes. Foot Specific helps with ankle alignment and flexibility, while lengthening the calcaneal tendon. The plantar apaneurosis along with the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot are systematically aligned to improve foundational balanve for the whole body. Standing, walking, and jumping improve with a greater sense of balance and fluidity.  


          Cost: $1500