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CORE Butter 

An all natural product

made specifically for 

Structural Integration,

Myofascial Therapy,

and all Deep Tissue




$25 for 8 oz. Jar






Cocoa Butter,


High Oleic Safflower Oil,

and Vitamin E



You can purchase our CORE Butter by

calling Patty @







George and Patty KousaleosGeorge and Patty Kousaleos

 2023 Seminar Schedule 


CORE Myo for the Legs


Back Specific 



May 6-7,2023



Tampa Bay, FL 



CORE Chest, Head & Neck


Back Specific 

June 10-11,2023



Tampa Bay, FL







2023 Structural Integration Program


Location: Tampa Bay, Fl

Beginning in March 2023


              March 18-20, 2023


              April 21-23, 2023


              May 18-20, 2023


               June 16-18, 2023


               July 14-16, 2023


              August 18-20, 2023


           September 15-17, 2023


             October 20-22, 2023


           November 17-19, 2023


           December 15-17, 2023



Contact George



for complete course information.



Welcome to the CORE Institute!

The CORE Institute offers advanced certification courses for manual therapists in CORE Myofascial Therapy, CORE Structural Integration and CORE Sports & Performance Bodywork. CORE Institute was founded by George & Patricia Kousaleos in 1990, and for 24 years offered nationally-recognized entry-level programs for state licensure and national certification. With the current focus on advanced continuing education programs throughout the world, and the development of regional and national CORE Sports Bodywork Teams, the CORE Institute has closed its entry-level programs. Study these advanced programs with George P. Kousaleos, one of the leading teachers and clinical practitioners of structural, myofascial and sports therapies.

CORE Institute continues to offer online CE classes in Professional Ethics, Medical Errors and Florida Laws & Rules, all requirements for relicensure of Florida LMTs.


CORE Certification Programs

CORE Myofascial Therapy is a 48-hour certification program that focuses on improving structural alignment, balance, flexibility and movement patterns, while reducing chronic pain and soft-tissue restrictions. CORE "Myo" is practiced as a full-body technique in either 60-minute or 90-minute sessions. Certification in CORE Myofascial Therapy is a prerequisite for the study of CORE Structural Integration. Certification is also available through attendance of the XPECORE Sports Bodywork Mentorship Program.

CORE Structural Integration is a 350-hour certification program in the study of the 10 sessions of Structural Integration. This program teaches the theory, anatomy, clinical strategies and treatment protocols of region-specific 90-minute sessions that work with extrinsic and intrinsic layers of fascia and musculature. CORE "Structural" is the deepest, most profound bodywork system that has been developed in the 65 year history of the discipline of Structural Integration. 

CORE Sports & Performance Bodywork is a 24-hour certification program that utilizes the foundational techniques of CORE Myofascial Therapy to improve the recuperation time and performance levels of elite athletes during their intensive training and competition periods. CORE "Sports" has been used for international Olympic athletes, professional athletes, college teams, and performance specialists in dance and theater.

CORE Institute CE programs are sponsored worldwide by leading state and national professional associations, massage therapy schools, and international CE providers. 

CORE Institute is approved as a CE Provider by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy and the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork.